Cloud Nine

Tired of everything? All you want is to find some peace of mind and cuddle some pets? Well, maybe Cloud Nine IS the light in the end of the tunnel you are looking for. Book a spot in our Relax & Retreat center today and start your journey to mindfulness and tranquility!

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Our services

Our center offers you exlusive services provided by bipedal and quadrupedal professionals:

dog and hand


Rent a friend for the whole time of your stay or take advantage of our hourly cuddling options.

a man and a parrot

Therapy Sessions

Visit a personal or a group therapy session with our experts and their macaw assistants to tidy up your thoughts and feelings.

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Digital Detox

Say goodbye to your mobile devices and then hello to our reading club!

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During your stay, you will be able to enjoy our spa zone, including a bubble bath, massage services and other nice things.

people doing yoga

Yoga Class

We are a Relax and Retreat Center. Of course we have yoga classes.

angry crocodile

Anger Management

Anger Management groups are held on Mondays and Fridays. Don't miss your chance to wind down.

Our team


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Rico Watermelone

Head of Therapy

Anger Management Manager

Josh Goldenboy

Head of Customer Service

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12345, Springfield, 123 Good Feels Ave.

How to find us?

12345, Springfield, 123 Good Feels Ave.

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